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Is your website truly an asset for your business?

In order for a business website to be an effective marketing tool, it must do two things: Attract and Convert.

Search Engine Optimization is one way to handle the Attraction side of things. It is a strategy that focuses on getting more people to come to your website as a result of searching for something relevant to what you offer.

Ideal SEO result:


Benefits of SEO

  1. It attracts natural, “organic” traffic.
  2. People are already searching for what you offer – if they are not finding you, then they are finding a competitor.
  3. Organic traffic generally converts better and has a higher value than paid traffic.
  4. It increase brand awareness, and can help increase market share.
  5. Ranking well on search engines such as Google and Bing can help serve as PR for your company.
  6. You have a lot of control over the types of visitors and leads you attract, since you control the content.

Can you do SEO yourself?

Many businesses attempt SEO themselves by writing blog posts on a weekly or monthly basis. Generally, the majority of this effort is wasted, due to what we refer to as:

The Problem: Content Gap

You probably already know that it you should be creating content for your website in order to earn more organic traffic. This is one method of inbound marketing, and can be a very effective way to attract new customers.

Roughly 90% of web pages earn no traffic from search engines (according to a study by AHREFS).


Clearly, most content does not actually achieve its goal! If you are going to put effort into writing articles or blog posts, it should be worthwhile.

The underlying problem is that most content is not created with the reader in mind.

So, how do we fix this? How do we achieve a worthwhile return on the investment of resources?


The Content Gap Solution: Proper Website SEO

Part 1: Content Research

INTENTIONALLY creating content, rather than feeling pressure to write about something random just to check “publish blog post” off the list for this week.

Use research and data to better understand what your audience is actually looking for. This will help your brand provide value and establish relationships more effectively.

Proper research includes not just looking at keywords and the language used by your customers, but also understanding their awareness level and intent. What are they looking to achieve? What questions do they have?

Part 2: Technical Data

In order for search engine crawlers to understand what you site is about, it is important to provide a variety of “metadata”. This helps Google/Bing/etc categorize your content and connect relevant searchers with your site.

Other factors include how quickly the website loads, title and heading tags, and other considerations you probably don’t care to know about.


Search Engine Optimization Services – Get Help From The Experts

We have helped a variety of companies earn more highly-relevant organic traffic to their sites, and would like to help you achieve similar results.


Successful increase of Google Search traffic for a Nexus client:

Google Organic Search Traffic Increase

SEO Analysis

You may be wondering:

How do I Analyse SEO for my website?

We can do it for you, by providing not only an analysis but also a content plan to improve.

How can I check my website SEO?

Use the form below to request your free SEO analysis and discovery call.

How do I check my SEO ranking?

There are a variety of tools that enable to track your ranking for relevant search queries. We offer this service as part of our packages.

SEO Process

Nexus has a robust, proven SEO process. Combined with your industry knowledge, there is an excellent likelihood we can help increase the organic traffic your website earns!

If you are interested in generating more leads and sales through digital marketing, please use the form below.

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