About Nexus

Our Mission

We help independent law firms attract and convert customers via their digital marketing.

This is accomplished by understanding the client journey, then supporting it through search engine optimization, digital ad campaigns, and conversion optimization.

Why Choose Nexus?

Our clients appreciate that we help them figure out where to focus with their marketing. When you choose to invest in growth, we want you to allocate your resources in the right places to achieve a true impact on your business.

We aim to educate, rather than just throw a bunch of techno-babble at you.

Who You'll Work With

Hello, I’m Clint Tepe, Owner of Nexus Growth Coaching.

As a client, you’ll be working primarily with me. Occasionally a specialist will be brought in or referred to, but none of this “account manager” that knows nothing and outsources everything type of experience.


My entrepreneurial and marketing journey began in 2009, offering website development services for small local businesses while I was finishing up college.

Since then, I have assisted a number of businesses improve their digital marketing, including various independent law firms and a Fortune 500 global manufacturer.

What I have learned (and want to share with you)

Merely having a website is not enough to help a company achieve success.

There needs to be an organized, data-driven strategy that focuses on the client perspective.

Modern tools and tactics are then used to drive relevant traffic, build client relationships, and generate revenue.

If you’d like to see what else I’m up to, see my personal website.

Nexus Owner Clint Tepe


We are located in Evansville, Indiana but work with clients across the continental United States. If you’re in the area in early October, check out our infamous Fall Festival.


Hubspot Marketing Hub & Inbound Marketing
Content Marketing Mastery – DigitalMarketer.com
Email Marketing Mastery – DigitalMarketer.com
Emotion Sells Masterclass & Funnel Bootcamp by Talia Wolf
Google Analytics IQ
Google Ads Search
Data Studio
Google My Business
Data Scientist’s Toolbox

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